Architectures of a digital modulator for high-speed data transmission in telecommunication system

Numéro de la revue: Volume 25 , Numéro 2
Auteurs: Souhila Boudjema* & Kaddour Saouchi Department of Electronic, Badji Mokhtar University, Po Box 12, Annaba, 23000, Algeria.



Digital systems are more than necessary in our daily life. This last decade, the world is dealing with a remarkable technological revolution, especially, in the field of miniaturization of electronic devices such as modems and embedded systems. This work is focused on challenges of developing Quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) digital modulators. In this context, this paper proposes several methods, simpler and efficient compared to the existing methods. The obtained results indicate that the proposed technique is effective in terms of data rotation calculation, particularly, for the sinusoidal signal generation in the QAM digital modulators. Through this study, an FPGA-based system with a maximum frequency of 550MHz is developed. The objective is to identify the optimal configuration facilitating data transmission in radio software. The obtained results were compared to recent works, and have showed a significant improvement in terms of computation time, especially in case of increasing the frequency of the transmission system at a very high rate.

Keyword: Pipeline cordic, QAM, maximum frequency, throughput