A Computational Simulation of bending fatigue in spur gear with profile modification

Numéro de la revue: 37
Auteurs: Tarek Maifi,  Rabah Bourenane & Rabia Khelif.

 Industrial Mechanics Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Badji Mokhtar Annaba University, P.O. Box 12, 23000, Annaba, Algeria.

Soumis le : 09/04/2018                       Révisé le : 20/05/2018                        Accepté le : 04 /06/2018



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In this work, we conducted a modeling using the finite element method (FEM ANSYS) for determining the lifetime of Ni initiation of a crack in the straight toothed gears in 42CrMo4 steel. An additional program of finite element FRANC2D based on the principle of LEMF was used to simulate the propagation of cracks at the tooth root. The latter uses the Paris-Erdogan equation for the growth of cracks. The model presented is used to determine the propagation velocity of the crack. Acquired results we they allowed to understand the effect of the charge load on the life of spur gears on one hand, of besides part also to have the state of stresses on the crack-tip and the speed of crack propagation. This study gives the possibility of working out a plan of examination for these gears.

Key words: Simulation; Gear; Fatigue; Crack; Bending