Prime Number Function

Numéro de la revue: Volume 26 , Numéro 2

AuteursMouhamadou Ly

Department of Mathematics, Virtual University of Senegal – Dakar, Senegal




The objective of this research is to study prime numbers in relation to their distributions and some of the conjectures to which they are subject. To achieve our goal, we have developed a function having a defined starting set and as an ending set, the set of prime numbers. From the formulas of the domain of definition, we were able to prove the Goldbach conjecture and generalization. Another more detailed explanation of the distribution of prime numbers allowed us to prove the infinity of twin primes. In conclusion, this research exposes a detailed explanation of prime numbers as well as a little glimpse into their distribution and from that, a proof of many of these conjectures such as the Goldbach conjecture, the twin prime conjecture and others.


Prime Number, Goldbach’s Conjecture, Variance Theorem,  First Twin Number Conjection