Functionally stable motion control of small autonomous aircraft

Numéro de la revue: 36
Auteurs: Ouissam Boudiba, Jijira Ivan Vladimirovich, Firsov Sergie Nikolaivich

Laboratory of system control of unmanned aircraftNational Aerospace University “KhAI”

Chkalova 17, Kharkiv, 61070, Ukraine.

Soumis le : 10/04/2017               Révisé le : 14/11/2017             Accepté le : 22/11/2017


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This research paper presents a method to solve the control problem and to increase the functional stability of autonomous aircraft by using redundancy in the determination of the spatial position in the drone measurement systems. This concept is compatible with most navigation systems; the main idea of the approach is to identify the locations of failure by comparing the readings of a single parameter using the different gauges of the measurement units. A structural diagnosis in the units of measurement in addition to the recovering of system in real-time in order to eliminate the accumulation of errors and ensure functional stability with minimal redundancy in units of measurement.

Keywords: control system of UAV – diagnosis -SNS (spatial navigation system) – failure -INS (inertial navigation system) – optical system of navigation.