Synthesis and characterization of new vanadium salcylaldoxime based complexes isolated by hydrothermal process

Numéro de la revue: 36
Auteurs:  Sultana Boutamine, Hennia Slaouti , Ilyes Belkhettab & Zakia Hank

Université des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumédiène, USTHB,  Laboratoire d’Electrochimie, Corrosion, Métallurgie et Chimie Minérale, Faculté de Chimie, BP 32 El Alia, Bab Ezzouar 16111, Alger, Algeria.

Soumis le :26/10/2017          Révisé le 27/03/2018:          Accepté le :28/03/2018


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In this paper, the results of a systematic study of the reactivity of salicylaldoxime (C7H7NO2)(H2L1), with aqueous solutions of  V(IV) using hydrothermal synthesis are reported.

These reactions lead to the formation of gray-blue compounds : (1)   adduct  of the formula Na4[V6IVV4VO22H2(OH)6(C7H6O2)2(C7H5NO)].6H2O (A1), (2) another adduct of formula H6[V3IVV7VO25(OH)3 (C7H8NO2) (C7H5NO)2(C7H6O2)].5H2O  (A2)  and (3) a trimetric coordination complex of the formula    [V3O5(C7H5NO)3(C7H4NO2)3(C7H7NO2)3]·(H2O) (C1).

The obtained compounds were characterized by means of elemental analysis, conductometry, UV-Visible, Fourier transform infrared absorption spectroscopy (FTIR), 1H and 51V nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), EPR, magnetic measurements, mass spectroscopy and cyclic voltammetry.

Key words: hydrothermal synthesis, vanadium complexes, salicylaldoxime.