Simulation and optimization of realized traction factor of belt conveyor

Numéro de la revue: 37
Auteurs: Naima Djouema & Ali Belhamra

Laboratory of Electromechanics systems  (LSELM), BadjiMokhtar Annaba University, Po Box 12, 23000, Annaba, Algeria.Soumis le : 18/02/2018                       Révisé le : 16 /05/2018                       Accepté le : 20/05/2018

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The present paper discusses the estimation of belt conveyor tensile reserves to optimize its capacity in order to obtain a safe operation. The relation between traction forces at the input and the output of the drive drum is mathematically expressed taking into account the technical characteristics of the belt, the conveyor configuration and its use (inclination, load type and design). Moreover the model developed in this work can be used as a tool to control the elasticity limits of the belt to prevent it from slipping on the drive drum.

The simulation of transmission process of the motor force on the belt and its adhesion with the drive drum allows a controlled exploitation of the conveyor traction capacity. This makes possible the evaluation and the estimation of the adherence reserves and predicts the risks of slipping. This approach can insure conveyor control and monitoring to prevent the belt from excessive wear and thus good operation can be obtained.

Key words: Conveyor Belt, Monitoring, Optimization, Traction  factor, Belt Transmission